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Do you have a Motor Vehicle and need some cash? Check out our Motor Vehicle secured loans today. No long waiting and easy fast processing. Visit us today, to get a Motor Vehicle secured loan.
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Cannot make it to our office? Not a problem, we offer MOBILE LOANS where we bring the cash to you and process you on spot!​
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Ask about our furniture and appliance loan today! Borrow up to $200,000. Use your furniture and appliances receipt to access a loan now.
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Do you have a BAD CREDIT but need some cash? At E Loan MF Limited, we believe some people deserve a second chance
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Does your employer offer salary deduction? Then this loan is definitely for you. No need for security, just walk away with cash. Visit our location and ask about our salary deduction loan.
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This is where the customer utilize the opportunity to pawn their Gold Jewellery, Laptop or Flat Screen TV and walk away with cash, upon completion of the loan the assets will be return to the customer.
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    Getting a loan can be easy if you meet all the lender's requirements and are flexible with what interest rate you'll pay.

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    A secured loan is a loan backed by collateral—financial assets you own, like a land or a car—that can be used as security in the event of default.

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    E-loan MF is making it faster and simpler to get pre-approved or approved with your CASH in less than 24 hours and in most cases less than two hours..

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    Apply today for same day approval low interest rate loans.

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We Offer 5 Types of Loan Products.
E-Loan Micro Financing Ltd offers five types of Loan Products and two specific services to our growing client base which constitutes the county of Cornwall spanning the parishes of St. James, Trelawny, Hanover, and Westmoreland.
Mobile Loan Service
Guarantee you a cheque at your location
This is a service that allows the customer to request a mobile loan from their place of business or work.  The mobile loan service will GUARANTEE YOU A CHEQUE AT YOUR LOCATION AND A PROCESSING TIME FRAME OF 5-MINUTES ON SPOT. The customer would have already sent in all the necessary information via email or WhatsApp and the credit officer would print and take the documents to the customer’s location to be signed.

Mobile Loan Service

Pre-Approval Loan Service
Pre-Apply for a loan for the future
This service allows the customer who is indecisive or does not have an immediate need for a loan to pre-process the loan for future use/benefit. A customer who does not require a loan at this moment in time but finds themselves in dire need and requires cash urgently can whatapp or call the office immediately and ask that their pre-approved loan be transferred immediately to their account as their need for the loan is now immediate.

Pre-Approval Loan


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