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Mobile Loan Service
Guarantees you a cheque at your location
This is a service that allows the customer to request a mobile loan from their place of business or work.  The mobile loan service will GUARANTEE YOU A CHEQUE AT YOUR LOCATION AND A PROCESSING TIME FRAME OF 5-MINUTES ON SPOT. The customer would have already sent in all the necessary information via email or WhatsApp and the credit officer would print and take the documents to the customer’s location to be signed.  A review of the original documents will be conducted as well, after which the disbursement would only require 5-minutes by the customer to read and sign the actual contracts.  The loans will be disbursed by cheque or via the customer’s bank account.
This service works best with the Salary deduction customers and the furniture and appliance loan customers. Conditions apply to this service, as the company will not venture into a certain location due to the security of its employees.  This service is charged at $2,000 per site visit and can range upwards depending on proximity, parish or location that the individual is located in. Speak with a representative to be approved for a mobile loan service.
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We Offer 5 Types of Loan Products.

E-Loan Micro Financing Ltd offers five types of Loan Products and two specific services to our growing client base which constitutes the county of Cornwall spanning the parishes of St. James, Trelawny, Hanover, and Westmoreland.