E-Loan Micro Financing is limited liability cooperation founded in 2009 and is dedicated to offering a variety of small emergency loans to the working class with the easiest processing in town. E-Loan is one of the leading providers of personal and business loans to Jamaica’s Micro Finance Sector. Our head office is located at Shop 3 Mintoplex Plaza, 35, Church St, Montego Bay.
Since initiation, E-Loan has given over 10,000 Loans, secured payroll deduction contracts with various companies and obtained Direct Debit Facility from National Commercial Bank.

About Us


Years of Experience

We Offer 5 Types of Loan Products.

E-Loan Micro Financing Ltd offers five types of Loan Products and two specific services to our growing client base which constitutes the county of Cornwall spanning the parishes of St. James, Trelawny, Hanover, and Westmoreland.

Our Mission & Vision
To provide emergency and convenient loans to the society, while accommodating those at the lower end of the salary scale.   Promulgating an objective to alleviate recurring demands, and sporadic needs through easy, accessible, economical and customised loans.

E-Loan Micro Financing Ltd strives to maintain a high level of client confidentiality, product innovation and diversification, to attract new and prospective clientele, while maintaining satisfaction with existing customers through competitive interest rates and excellent customer care.

Our mission and vision envelops’ capturing customer loyalty, retention, consistency of service, high return on investments, building subsidiaries, and fuelling fair competition among competitors while remaining true to our social and philanthropic duties in an effort to empower communities and all stakeholders.  E- Loan Micro Financing Ltd aims to be in the first thought, in the minds of our customers when the “need for a loan arises” and the employer of choice when the need for employment emerges.
HR Mission Statement
Allowing for unity and strength of a common vision to be share among employees through dynamics of action, culture and development in order to bring about un-resolute success through a collective umbrella vision of the company and its stakeholders.

To recruit and employ the best skills and attitudes which will contribute to the wealth, success and growth of the organization.  To nourish and develop employees’ morals in an effort to facilitate good internal and external relationships which will represent the company’s vision, mission and corporate image in the general public.

To maintain, promote, and establish bridges of wealth, confidence, integrity, discipline and moulding professionals to empower people, environments, communities and employees, through consistent training and development of employee’s rights and benefits, as well as environmental support, safety and protection of all concerned.