Pre-Approval Loan Service

pre-process the loan for
future use/benefit
Pre-Apply for a

loan for the future

Get loan transferred

immediately when you need it

Pre-approved several

loans at once once

Pre-Approval Loan Service
Pre-Apply for a loan for the future
This service allows the customer who is indecisive or does not have an immediate need for a loan to pre-process the loan for future use/benefit. A customer who does not require a loan at this moment in time but finds themselves in dire need and requires cash urgently can whatapp or call the office immediately and ask that their pre-approved loan be transferred immediately to their account as their need for the loan is now immediate. This will take only 20minutes or less to have the customer collect a cheque or the funds transferred to their bank account. This service is for $1,200 per pre-approved loan and a customer can pre-approve several loans once it is paid for in advanced. All documents must be dropped off at the office and pre-signed before the customer can access this loan.
This service works with all loan products and pre-signed documents are valid up to 3-months for existing customers and for new clients up to six weeks unless otherwise approved by management.
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E-Loan Micro Financing Ltd offers four types of Loan Products and two specific services to our growing client base which constitute the county of Cornwall spanning the parishes of St. James, Trelawny, Hanover and Westmoreland.
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